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Allen Tyne Drill is Low Cost, Low Horsepower, High Performance
Rural Contractor & Large Scale Farmer: June/July 2022

Ashburton-based Allen Custom Drills manufactures a broad range of air seeders and are renowned across New Zealand for their solid triple disc drills. Not everyone is aware that they also produce the Allen Custom Tyne Drill, commonly referred to as their T-D Series.

Their entry level Tyne Drill is available in widths from 3m to 6m. Models above 4m are hydraulically folding to a transport width of 3m.

A major feature of the T-D series is their 25mm coil tines with tungsten-tipped T boots that can handle hard direct drilling ground through to cultivated ground.

The tines are staggered on four rows for fixed frame models (T-D 3000 and T-D 3500) and five rows for folding frame models (T-D 4000 to T-D 6000). This design gives superior trash handling capabilities.

Optional 14-inch disc openers can be specified on your Allen Tyne Drill. They are mounted using Duratorque suspension. The discs have latest maintenance-free bearing hubs similar to Allen E-D and C-D Series triple disc drills.

On folding models, a hydraulic wing float provides the ability to adjust down pressure on the wings, along with flotation to ensure ground contouring.

As with all Allen Custom Drills, the T-D Series features the Accord metering and distribution system, combined with their 7115 drill controller as standard.

This system can be configured to apply seed only or seed and fertiliser, and has the ability to also operate optional small seed and slug bait applicators.

The 7115 drill controllers give the operator control over the sowing rates and area covered. It provides audible and visual alarms and comes with the ability to provide GPS coverage mapping for proof of placement as standard.

The combination of the Accord metering and distribution system along with the 7115 drill controller, has proven to offer the simplest calibration and high standard of accuracy from less than 1 kg/ha up to 300 kg/ha.

Optional extras can be added to T-D series drills to suit the needs and demands of particular farming businesses. They include disc openers, a crane, camera packages, tine harrows, a tyre roller, oil cooler/heat exchanger kit, slug bait spreader, and small seed box.

An optional tyre roller system complete with transport wheels runs in tandem through hydraulics of the drill to lift transport wheels and folding wings.

This has become a popular option since 2020 as a combination with the T-D Series for ultimate seed to soil contact.

The Allen Tyne Drill is a great choice for those who want to direct drill and have the ability to drill into cultivated ground. It is an appealing option for anyone looking for a low-cost, low-maintenance, and low-horsepower direct drill.

Old Lake Contracting, based in Clinton, South Otago runs a T-D 5000. One of the directors, Marcus Parker says it is a top-quality build and it exceeds all their requirements.


“It contours the ground beautifully and is very easy to operate. We have had some great results so far,” Marcus says.

For more information give the team at Allen Custom Drills a call today on 03 308 4094 or visit the website and hit the Tyne Drills tab under Our Drills.

The website features a T-D 6000 walkaround video where Craig Allen explains the features of the Tyne Drill series.

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