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Our Story

Allen Custom Drills is proudly family-owned and operated, and has been for over 16 years. The company prides itself in manufacturing high quality, high performing Air Seeder Drills, that incorporates an innovative and unique design. Our drills are known to be practical, accurate and reliable machines. Allen Custom Drills is driven by the continuous growth and development that it strives for in its design, in its business and in its employees. As a team, we are all continuously working towards the science of today, while learning from the 'old' and creating new solutions for the future of Air Seeder Drills.

"Our passion each day is to learn, collaborate and create the best Drills there are. We are proud of our history, our relationships and are always looking forward to the future. Our team at Allen Custom Drills and our customers give us purpose and focus. The belief we have in our staff and in the work our customers do, we feel then feeds through into the successful end result of our products and into the paddock." Company Directors | Craig & Deb Allen


Our Vision;

To be the leaders in the design and manufacturing of Air Seeder Drills that exceed our customers’ expectations.


Our Mission;

To be the choice of Air Seeder Drills in New Zealand and Australia. To manufacture a reliable, accurate and quality built drill. To provide an addition to our customers business and contribute to shared growth. To provide a cost-effective, practical and high-performance drill. To create solutions to the market and create opportunities for our employees.


Our Core Values;

DESIGN - We design with customer needs in mind to provide quality, strength and performance-focused on innovation and results.


PARTS & SUPPLY - We care for practicality, low maintenance machines and strive to provide parts readily for convenience and support.

TECHNOLOGY - We work towards the science and trends of today, making sure from our drill to the soil there is accurate and efficient distribution.

TEAMWORK - We work together collectively with businesses, customers and employees to have solutions and achieve our shared vision and goals.

RESPECT - We demonstrate respect and support for our customers, colleagues and suppliers.

GROWTH - We believe in and demonstrate continuous growth, development and improvement, in business, people and product.


Our Facility;

Allen Custom Drills welcomes all visitors to our site in Ashburton, NZ. Here you can tour the workshop, meet the people within the company and see the creation of our drills from the ‘ground-up’.              

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