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Triple Disc Drills Unlock High Seed Strike Rates
Rural Contractor & Large Scale Farmer: Groundbreaker 2024

Farmers and contractors want seed drills that deliver exceptional performance while keeping operational costs in check. By direct drilling with the latest high-quality triple disc drills they can achieve this with better seed strike rates while keeping costs to a minimum.

New Zealand seed drill manufacturer Allen Custom Drills says seed strike rate is a useful metric to gauge successful germination and emergence, which is the linchpin for agricultural success. The precision with which seeds are placed and the conditions in which they germinate directly influence crop yield. 

Triple disc systems offer a number of advantages when it comes to achieving high strike rates: 

  1. Minimal soil disturbance. This preserves soil structure, moisture, and beneficial microorganisms.

  2. Accurate seed depth placement. Seed is placed at the optimum depth for uniform germination and emergence.

  3. Time and cost efficiency. Direct drilling with triple disc systems reduces the need for multiple passes over the field, saving time and fuel costs.

  4. Performance. The capability to penetrate high residue trash effortlessly, ensuring seamless seed drill operation without blockages.


The long-term benefits of increased yields, drilling efficiency, and environmental stewardship make a triple disc dill an investment well worth considering.

Allen Custom Drills have two triple disc drill options in their air seeder range, the Ergonomic Drill (E-D Series) and the Contour Drill (C-D Series).

Both series feature an opening disc, seeding disc and press wheel arrangement that precisely places seeds at optimal depths and creates firm seed-to-soil contact.

E-D Series

The E-D is Allen Custom Drills’ entry level triple disc drill. It has a simple but highly productive design, and its ergonomic design gives farmers and contractors a comfortable and efficient drilling experience.

It is available in working widths of 3m to 4m, with the option of 5-inch (125-mm) or 6-inch (150-mm) row spacings.

It has a low centre of gravity, a lighter weight design and low horsepower requirement.

The opening discs featured on E-D Series drills are hydraulically adjustable 16-inch Turbo discs, mounted in pairs on Duro-torque suspension. They use the latest in maintenance free bearing hub technology.

The E-D can be fitted with hillside stabiliser wheels (standard on the folding E-D 4000), which are a big help when working in hill country.

With running costs as low as $5 per hectare the E-D is a great all-round drill.

C-D Series

For contractors and large-scale operations, Allen Custom Drills’ top triple disc drill pick is the C-D series.

The heavy-duty C-D is built strong, and its reliable ability to contour gives optimal seed placement on varying terrains so it ensures uniform germination and emergence in most conditions.

It is available in working widths of 3m to 6m with the option of 5-inch (127-mm) or 6-inch (152-mm) row spacings.

Opening discs on C-D drills are 17-inch Turbo discs. They too use the latest in maintenance-free bearing hub technology. The discs are mounted individually using Duro-torque suspension.

Behind the opening discs on the C-D Series are double seeding discs mounted in a V formation to accurately place seed and fertiliser. They are followed by a semi pneumatic press wheel.

This parallelogram system always provides each coulter with maximum ground contact.

Folding C-D models feature a hydraulic wing float and the ability to adjust the wing pressure to ensure maximum productivity. It is effective when it comes to working in undulating terrain.

C-D drills are low maintenance, low-cost machines, with the running costs of $6 per hectare average.

Both E-D and C-D series feature their own simple system to adjust the seeding depth. The E-D has an adjuster on each disc coulter arrangement, and the C-D is adjusted in two or three sections depending on the drill width.

As with all Allen Custom Drills, the E-D and C-D series feature an Accord metering and distribution system, combined with an Allen 7115© controller or ISOBUS integration through the tractor terminal.

They can also be specified with a range of options that improve efficiency further. Along with ISOBUS, they include cranes, work lights, cameras, hydraulic brakes, small seed/slug bait bins, chain harrows and more.

As the name of the company implies, Allen Custom Drills can put anything into a drill that customers want to get exactly what is needed for their operation.

Allen Custom Drills is currently offering a limited-time opportunity of 2.5% p/a financing with no deposit on in stock E-D & C-D drills. Contact 03 308 4094 for more information.

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