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Rural Contractor & Large Scale Farmer Feb/Mar 2022

From its base at Ashburton in the heart of the Canterbury agricultural district, Allen Custom Drills designs and manufactures top-of-the-line air seeders.

Built to handle New Zealand’s diverse terrain, Allen drills can take on many different ground conditions.

Each drill is built from the ground up in the Ashburton workshop, which now produces upwards of 35 drills per year. The NZ-made advantage and quality customer support at arms’ reach, makes Allen drills a popular option for farmers and contractors nationwide.

Allen Custom Drills has the vision to be the leaders in design and manufacturing of air seeder drills that exceed their customers’ expectations.

They are proud to pursue quality in every aspect of the business supported by a committed and hardworking team, dealers, and suppliers. In turn farmers and contractors reap the benefits of owning a high-performance Allen Custom Drill.

There are five base models in the Allen range. They can be adapted to integrate a range of different features to suit the needs and demands of individual customers.

Allen Custom Drills believes in any additional features that will make your drill work better for you and your business. Some optional extras include cranes, camera kits, steering axles, small seed boxes, blockage sensors and work lights.

Canterbury farmer David Millar of Culnady Farms says Craig Allen and his team are fantastic to deal with. “They were very collaborative during the design phase and several of our suggestions were incorporated into the final product. The drill was delivered on-time, on budget and has exceeded our expectations,” David says.

All Allen drills have an Accord metering and distribution system combined with a 7115 drill controller. This system gives the operator control of sowing rates, area covered and audible and visual alarms. It can be configured to apply seed only or seed and fertiliser.

The system offers, simple calibration and a high standard of accuracy at sowing rates from less than 1 kg/ha to more than 300 kg/ha.

The company is proud of its history and continual growth to create opportunities for its customers and employees.

General manager Deb Allen says the company began with the goal to excel in manufacturing bloody good drills that deliver contractors and farmers quality and cost effectiveness. 


“We aim to exceed our customers’ expectation every day in the quality of both our product and support. Craig and I share this ambition.

“We will always give the best in all we do, and we believe our drills just get better and better, as do the farmers and contractors who work with them. We are New Zealand manufacturers and we are proud to support New Zealand agriculture.”

Allen Custom drills are built tough to last and to help farmers maximise the growth on their land.

One high country farmer says they are brilliant on hills and heavy to break through the very dry tight soils in his area. He says they are very easy to use and definitely well worth it.

An Allen Custom Drill can be built as unique as you wish or a tried-and-tested design with a fast turnaround if is what is required.

To find out more about the Allen range, visit the website or give Craig Allen and the team a call on 03 308 4094.

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