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Rural Contractor & Large Scale Farmer: February/March 2023

You have probably heard of the top-of-the-line air seeder manufacturer Allen Custom Drills, which designs and builds each of its machines from the ground up in their Ashburton workshops.

Craig and Deb Allen own and operate the business with a close-knit team atmosphere. They are proud of their history and the relationships they have built with their customers and suppliers, and they are always looking towards the future.

“Our team at Allen Custom Drills and our customers give us purpose and focus. We believe strongly in our staff and in the work our customers do, and we feel this in turn feeds through into the successful result of our products in the paddock,” they say.

Over the years the Allen team has developed many air seeders variations with great success. Out of these variations, they have settled on five base models for the Allen drill range. All of these base models can be customised and built to suit the individual needs and demands of their customers.


The five base models are:

  • The E-D Series, or Ergonomic Drill. This is an entry level triple disc drill that is suitable for farmers and contractors. The E-D model is known for its simple and highly productive design characteristics. It is available in widths of 3m-4m and it is hydraulically folding to a transport width of 3m.

  • The C-D Series, or Contour Drill. This is the top pick triple disc drill for contractors and large-scale farmers. The design of the C-D is heavy, robust and strong to provide a low-maintenance, low-input cost drilling platform. It is available in working widths of 3m-6m and hydraulically folds to 3m for transport.

  • The T-D Series, or Tyne Drill. This is an entry-level tyne direct drill. This model features 25mm coil tynes with tungsten tipped T-boots. They can handle everything from hard direct drilling ground through to cultivated ground. T-D drills are available in working widths of 3m-6m and they hydraulically fold to a 3m transport width.

  • The P-D Series, or Packer Drill. This is a min-till option for arable drilling. It features a full width tyre packer system for ground consolidation. The weight of the drill is evenly distributed across the full width, and active hydraulic down pressure on each wing allows them to follow undulating ground. P-D drills are available in working widths of 4m-12m and they hydraulically fold to a transport width of 3m.

  • The H-D Series, or Heavy-Duty Direct Drill. It is most suited to drilling flat ground. This drill is not as common nowadays and is more of a specialty machine. Contact Craig Allen for more information on it. H-D drills are available in widths of 4m-6m, and again, all fold hydraulically to 3m for transport.


Allen Custom Drills are sought after by Kiwi and Australian farmers and contractors, and the company has dealers who can supply them throughout both countries.


The company’s vision is to be the leaders in design and manufacturing of air seeder drills that exceed their customers’ expectations. They believe in growth, and creating opportunities for their customers, employees, and business.


“We are proud to be manufacturing and supplying high-quality, high-performing air seeder drills. We are proud to be New Zealand manufacturers. And we are proud to be doing something we care so much about every day,” Craig and Deb Allen say.


For more information on Allen Custom Drills, contact Craig Allen on 021 861 440 or visit the website (

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