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Rural Contractor & Large Scale Farmer Feb/Mar 2021

Innovative Allen Custom Drills are custom-built based on a unique design. With frames to handle tough New Zealand terrains, these air seeder drills can work in virtually any ground conditions.

Over the last 16 years, Allen Custom Drills have been built in Ashburton. While the company now has a much larger manufacturing workshop than when it began, the majority of each drill is still built in the workshop from the ground up as it always has been.

Company directors Craig and Deb Allen encourage visitors to tour the workshop at 32 Robinson Street. You are welcome to meet the team and see how the drills are built.

They are easily modifiable and it is affordable to integrate many different features to suit the needs and demands of customers.

“Our team and our customers give us purpose and focus. We believe in our staff and in the work our farming and contracting customers do, and that feeds through into the successful end result of our machines deliver in the paddock," Craig says.

The Contour Drill, commonly referred to as the C-D Series, is the top pick Allen triple disc drill for contractors and large-scale farmers who have to cover more hectares per year. C-D drills are heavy duty and strong. They require little maintenance and offer a low-input drilling.

C-D Series drills have 17-inch Turbo opening discs that are individually mounted using Duratorque suspension. These discs provide maximum travel even in the harshest conditions.

The coulter arrangement uses a parallelogram system that provides each coulter with maximum ground contact at all times.Double seeding discs mounted in a V formation provide accurate placement of seed and fertiliser, while a semi pneumatic press wheel ensures even germination.

The C-D Series features the Accord metering and distribution system, combined with a touchscreen rate controller using GPS for ground speed. This combination offers easy, accurate calibration and high standard of sowing accuracy when drilling seed at rate from less than 1 kg/ha up to 400 kg/ha.

A full list of features, specifications and optional extras for the C-D Series is on the company’s website. Visit the website ( and select Contour Drill under the Our Drills tab.

Allen Custom Drills is proud to manufacture and supply high-quality, high-performance, Kiwi-designed and built air seeder drills that are renowned for being practical, accurate and reliable. The Allen team is proud to be of service to farmers and contractors around New Zealand and beyond.

C-D 4000
C-D 5000
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