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Years of Accurate, Low-Cost Drilling with Allen P-D Series
Rural Contractor & Large Scale Farmer: April / May 2024

Today’s farmers and contractors are driven to achieve efficiency, and Ashburton-based Allen Custom Drills says its seeds drills can help them

achieve it.

The Allen range includes the P-D Series, known as their Packer Drill. P-D drills are minimum tillage arable drills with a full-width tyre packer.

P-D drills are very effective in cultivated ground and can be specified with optional opening discs for direct drilling as well. In either case, the tyre packer consolidates the ground and prepares a firm seedbed, which improves plant establishment.

David Clark of Valetta Farms in Mayfield, Canterbury replaced his American drill in 2012 after 17 years of use.

He says he was looking for a robust, simple 6m drill that would give accurate seed placement and low long-term running costs.

“The Allen Packer Drill ticked all those boxes for us. Craig and Deb Allen and their team were awesome to work with during the design and build process to manufacture exactly what we were looking for in a drill,” David says.

After 11 years, we feel this drill does offer low running costs due to a robust and simple design. Our crops germinate evenly across the field. This drill has been a very good investment for us.”

P-D series drills are available in working widths of 4m to 12m, with row spacing options of either 5” (125 mm) or 6.5” (166 mm). They deliver running costs as low as $5/ha.

The largest packer drill in the series is the P-D 12000, which is 12m wide and hydraulically folding.

As the name of the company suggests, Allen Custom Drills is happy to make any addition to a drill that will make it work better for a particular operation. Some optional extras for the P-D series include ISOBUS, small seed boxes, slug bait spreader, levelling paddle tynes (up to 8m), seed blockage sensor kits, and more.

Other models in the Allen range are the Ergonomic drill (E-D series), Contour drill (C-D series), Tyne drill (T-D series), and Heavy-Duty drill (H-D series).


Company directors Deb and Craig Allen are passionate about what they do and appreciate that their product is an asset to farming and contracting operations around New Zealand and Australia.

Their vision is to be the leaders in design and manufacturing of air seeder drills that exceed their customers’ expectations. They thrive off the relationships they have with those they work with in the industry.

Allen drills are designed and built to deliver simplicity, efficiency, and durability. This means they are reliable for hectares on end and provide accurate results each time.

Minimal maintenance is required for Allen Drills, but if anything is required, the company has hard-wearing parts available on the shelf. They can deliver them locally or send them out on an overnight courier.

Allen Custom Drills had stands at the 2024 Southern Field Days in Waimumu and the Wanaka A&P Show, where they enjoyed chatting with people from all around the country.

The next spot you will be able to see Allen Custom Drills on display is National Fieldays in Mystery Creek with their dealer, Waikato Tractors, from 12-15 June 2024.

For more information visit the Allen Custom Drills website ( or call 03 308 4094.

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