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Allen C-D Series Continuously Proving Themselves in Tough Conditions
Rural Contractor & Large Scale Farmer: August/September 2023

The top pick triple disc drill for contractors and large-scale farmers in the Allen Custom Drill range is the Contour Drill, commonly known as the C-D Series. There are now nearly 200 C-D drills out there working in New Zealand and Australia. Their design is well tested and they have proven to be heavy, robust, and strong.

The 100th Contour Drill that Allen Custom Drills produced was a C-D 4000, built in 2017. When directors Craig and Deb Allen first started building these custom-made air seeder drills, customers could choose the paint colour of their drill. By the time the 100th C-D was built, they had moved away from this option and had selected to paint all the drills blue, the colour that is still used to this day.

To celebrate the C-D series milestone however, the customer was given the choice of paint colour and they chose black. This limited-edition drill has been operating in North Otago for the last six years and it has clocked up more than 12,000 hectares.

The C-D series can be built in 3m to 6m widths, with 5-inch or 6-inch row spacings. Their individually-mounted, 17-inch turbo opening discs have Duratorque suspension. This gives them maximum travel, even in the harshest conditions. The opening discs use the latest in maintenance-free bearing hub technology.


On the hydraulically-folding of the C-D (4m and wider), the wing float feature gives the ability to adjust the wing pressure and provide floatation of the wings to ensure maximum contouring and productivity.

Allen Custom Drills work continuously using the latest technology to provide market-leading high-quality and high-performance machinery. As with all models of Allen drills, the C-D series features an Accord metering and distribution system combined with Allen’s own 7115-drill controller. It gives the operator control of sowing rates and area covered as well as audible and visual alarms. The system can be configured to apply seed and fertiliser, and it has the ability to operate optional small seed applicators, slug bait applicators and blockage sensors.

New this season is the option to have the machine ISOBUS ready to run through modern tractors.

To ensure maximum ground contact is always maintained, the coulter arrangement of the C-D series uses a parallelogram system. Double seeding discs are mounted in a V formation to provide accurate placement of seed and fertiliser, with a semi pneumatic press wheel to ensure an even germination.

A bonus feature on all Allen drills including the C-D series, is that no greasing is needed on any row units, meaning you can get drilling sooner.


No season is the same and no farm is the same. Allen Custom Drills continue to prove that they can handle tough terrain in both New Zealand and Australia. They are operating in challenging conditions that vary from harsh, dry, rocky ground through to wet, sticky, flat and undulating ground. They are built tough and built to last.

Durable, accurate, robust, simple, and cost effective, are just some of the words that resonate with an Allen Custom Drill.

Maintenance is minimal on these machines, but if an Allen Custom Drill does need any repairs and maintenance, it is important that genuine parts are used to uphold its maximum quality and performance. 


Customers of Allen Custom Drills have the confidence that the most hard-wearing parts are readily available when they are needed. With a knowledgeable team, customers can phone to order a part on an overnight courier, or visit the 13 Range St parts store, and grab what they need straight away. Contractors and farmers need to keep moving, so having parts they need on the shelf ensures that they can do so.

Allen Custom Drills are currently running a winter maintenance promo. Receive promo goodies on all parts orders over $500 until 31st August 2023. These goodies are available while stocks last and they include parts orders through authorised Allen Custom Drills dealers, Term and conditions apply.

All Allen Custom Drills are built from the ground up in their Ashburton workshops. The company welcomes visitors to tour the site and meet the awesome team that creates their machines.


For more information on the C-D Series, the other series in the Allen Drill range or the company, visit their website or

call 03 308 4094.

Black C-D 4000
C-D 5000
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