Packer Drill Air Seeder

The Packer Drill also well known as the P-D SERIES.

The P-D Series feature the renowned Accord metering and distribution system, which has been further enhanced with fitting RDS Artemis electronic variable rate control standard, making it even more simple to calibrate accurate seeding rates from under 1kg to over 400kg/ha.

Quick and simple hydraulic wings fold to a narrow 3 metre transport width on high flotation radial transport wheels. 

The new rubber suspended double disc coulters are low maintenance with no bushes to wear out and no springs to break, maintenance is reduced to a minimum.

In order to prepare a firm seed bed to better the plant establishment, the P-D series has a full width tyre packer system for ground consolidation. 

The weight of the drill is evenly distributed across the width, with accurate hydraulic down pressure on each wing to allow them to follow undulating ground. 

The choice is yours... 

  • 6" row spacing 

  • Drilling widths - 3m, 3.5m rigid, or 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m hydraulic folding to 3m transport width 

  • Various bin options: fertiliser, insecticide and slug bait

  • Crane options for loading up to 1000kg bags

  • Oil cooler/heat exchanger

  • Tyre packer

  • Rear tow bar

  • Hydraulic brakes

  • Chain harrow bars

  • Camera in bin

  • Mud guards 

  • Tail lights/oversize panels 

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