Economy Drill

The Economy Drill also well known as the E-D SERIES.

The E-D series is an economical triple disc direct drill, designed for small to medium sized farms and contracting operations and have a low horsepower requirement. 

They feature the renowned Accord metering and distribution system which is simple to calibrate accurate seeding rates from under 1kg to over 350kg/ha. 

The E-D series doesn't rely solely on gravity, so blocked seed tubes are never an issue to get every last seed into the ground exactly where it is intended and at the correct rate. 

Another great advantage is that there is only one metering unit to look after, so you can trust it is still distributing the seed evenly out of every tube, even with only a couple handfuls of seed left in the bin. 

  • 5” or 6” row spacing
  • Drilling & transport width 3m or 3.5m
  • E-drive metering standard
  • Various bin options: fertilizer, insecticide & slug bait
  • Low maintenance, low horse power requirement
  • Optional hillside wheels