Contour Drill

The CONTOUR DIRECT DRILL also well known as the C-D SERIES is a prime drill for any land conditions. 

The C- D Series feature the renowned Accord metering and distribution system, which has been further enhanced with fitting RDS Artemis electronic variable rate control 
standard, making it even more simple to calibrate accurate seeding rates from under 1kg to over 400kg/ha. 

The front turbo discs give an excellent tilth for plant emergence. Quick and simple hydraulic wings fold to a narrow 3 metre transport width on high flotation radial transport wheels. 

The front turbo disc system on all of Allen Custom Drills is rubber mounted, with no bushes to wear out and no springs to break, maintenance is reduced to a minimum. 

New Parallelogram seeding legs delivers simple and quick seed depth adjustment. 


It is by far the most popular Allen Custom Drill due to its simplicity, weight and accuracy!


  • Accord air seeder metering unit providing the most accurate metering in the market today.

  • RDS Artemis electronic rate control giving very simple calibration and accurate seeding rates from under 1kg to over 400kg/ha.

  • High density, front turbo disc system and mounted to a rubber system.

  • The choice of either 5inch or 6inch wide row spacings.

  • Proven and versatile triple disc system.

  • Various drilling widths available in this model.

  • Bin size options and can be portioned for seed and fertilizer, insecticide and slug bait.

  • Crane options for 1tonne bags+

  • Active hydraulic down pressure on wings for accurate contour following.

  • Blockage sensors on all seeder heads.

.............There's a hell of a lot of features that can be incorporated but we have to leave some surprises so get in touch and we'll tell you more!

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C-D 3000 - C-D 3500
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C-D 4000 - C-D 4500
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C-D 5000
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C-D 6000
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