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Tough Custom Air Seeder Drills 
That Maximise The Growth On Your Land

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The design and engineering has been established specific to New Zealand and Australian land conditions. Any of our models can be customized or altered to suit a specific clients needs and budget.

"Very collaborative during the design phase and several of our suggestions were incorporated into the final product, excellent machine to have in our business."
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We are very selective of all components and closely monitor quality control throughout the manufacturing process. Distributing a high quality drill that will suit you and your work at hand is our main focus.

"This is a very professional product that in my view is the equal if not miles better than of any imported machine."
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Accurate Artemis E-Drive and advanced technology help to distribute seed accurately to cut down potential wastage. The overall combination of this along with design will give the the best opportunity for seeds to grow, not to mention easy collaboration and vast compatibility.

"Calibrating the drill is incredibly simple and monitoring seed distribution is easy."
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We are leaders in price and quality especially against other 'custom' drills now available on the market. Across the entire range of models, very little maintenance is required with proven less ongoing running costs and with parts surviving harsh conditions for longer.

"Parts are always readily available. It's cost effective and easy to do it all ourselves when it suits in our own back shed."


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Robust, Cost Effective 
High Performance Drills

Some drills are built lighter than others but all are engineered to be robust and hold up through any terrain, delivering the best results every time. The gross weight of your machine can be considered depending on what horse power you have to work with and what you're planting in what conditions. Every single machine has been carefully designed to ensure low maintenance costs for you as well as the ease to maintain the drill as much as possible yourself when it suits you. There are 5 models to choose from all offering different ways of drilling, choose from a standard model; a few options already thought up for you, or a fully customized drill to get all those boxes ticked if not already. There are many models and variations working in New Zealand and Australia, sometimes jumping in the ute for a drive to see these drills is a helpful tool for you when deciding what your new drill will be.
One of our biggest values here is the relationship with current and potential cliental, give us a call for a yarn or to organize a viewing of some drills out in the field.


Allen Custom Drills site at Kirwee Field Days, March 2019
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